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Terms and Conditions Training

General Terms and Conditions nn-movement Training and Nutrition

1. Start and duration of the contract

The duration of the booked package begins on the start date defined together with the customer and is concluded for the duration as specified in the contract. A subscription is renewed at the end of each period and is valid without a new contract. The customer can terminate the cooperation after a subscription expires. This must be done in writing.

2. Early termination

The conclusion of a package is binding and no refunds can be given.

3. Payment

The total amount is due in advance and can be paid in cash, by IBAN or credit card. This applies to both subscriptions and individual bookings.

4. Rights of the customer

With the conclusion of a package the customer acquires the right for the agreed contract period and the services to which he is entitled. Underage customers must obtain the consent of their legal guardians. A timestop of a subscription due to illness, accident or other longer absences (list not exhaustive) and the resulting inability to train is possible upon presentation of a confirmation / certificate, but no claim to this exists. The administrative costs are CHF 30 per month, except for medical certificate and military service. The timestop begins with the notification and ends when the inability to train is regained.

5. Cancellations and omissions, holidays

If you are prevented from coming for an hour (group or private), nn-movement must be informed at least 12 hours in advance by phone or Whatsapp. Otherwise the hour will be charged. In case of holidays on the part of the customer or nn-movement the hour is omitted.

6. Transferability of the services

The nn-movement package is personal and cannot be transferred.

7. Entitlement to benefits

The customer is not entitled to a price reduction or reimbursement of part or all of the price if the services such as personal training or group training are not used. The duration and validity of the package as specified in the subscription is legally valid. If an hour cannot be held due to force majeure, neither the customer nor nn-movement is liable.

8. Health Certificate

The customer confirms with his signature or verbal statements that he is healthy and fit for sport in order to be able to carry out the corresponding training. In case of doubt, the member must consult a doctor. The customer also confirms that he/she has informed nn-movement and the team truthfully about the state of health at any time. The training as well as the mediation of trainings is done at one’s own risk and nn- movement declines any liability due to lack of fitness and health.

9. Liability

For damages due to an accident, injury or illness for other reasons, any liability of nn-movement is excluded within the scope of what is legally permissible. The customer confirms to have taken out an accident insurance.

10. Salvatory clause

Should individual provisions of this contract become invalid in whole or in part or prove to be unenforceable, the invalidity of the remaining provisions of this contract shall remain unaffected. In this case, the two parties agree to adapt the contract to the circumstances and to replace invalid provisions by other provisions which come closest to the meaning of the provisions in a legally effective manner in economic terms.

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