«Breathing. Focus. Performance.»


Nina bases her trainings on the specially created training method MMBPP.

M for Muscles (Strength)
M for Mindset (Focus)
B for Breathing (Apneia)
P for Performance (Endurance)
P for Pain Management

All listed elements are an important part of an effective and healthy training. This method can be adapted to all types of sports and training. Nina has learned various methods with her years of experience as a trainer and trying out different types of sports and fitness. The MMBPP method is a fusion of the most important elements of many different methods.

M – Muscles (Strength): Stands for muscles and their building. The goal is to target and train the right muscles. Of course always with the focus on the individual client.

M – Mindset (Focus): Stands for the goal. Where do we want to go? Where do we stand? Our mindset is what gets us ahead or blocks us in sports as well as in everyday life. Together we learn to leave the comfort zone, to turn a “no” into a “yes” and still give ourselves peace of mind.  “Mind over matter” is an important guiding principle here.

B – Breathing (Apneia) stands for: Proper breathing is the name of the game. No matter in which sport or in which stage of life. Correct breathing can bring more strength and endurance as well as calmness in sports. In stressful situations, it can even prevent a panic attack. Using elements from apnea diving, tips are taught on how to calm down in stressful times.

P – Performance (Endurance): Endurance stands for endurance and performance. This is about cardio and the kind of power you want to put into exercises and workouts.

P – Painmanagement: Stands for injuries and prevention. Training correctly and safely is above all. Because if you don’t follow certain rules, injuries and even long-term problems are bound to happen. Warm-up and stretching sessions are important in reducing the risk of injury.