«Go where you breathe free»

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How do you breathe? I'm pretty sure you've never thought about it that carefully before. Right?

Perhaps you are constantly stressed, can't fall asleep or sleep well - or suffer from headaches, anxiety or other unpleasant symptoms. Maybe you've even been trying to get rid of these things for a while. But did you know that all of this can be linked to your breathing?

But perhaps you are also aware of the power of your breath - and you want more. More tools, more knowledge, more power for the demands of your everyday life. Then you've come to the right place. Why? Because I took my own breath away - and I'm still alive.

Background Nina: She is still breathing

Even as a child it was clear that I was more fish than human, at least that's how I always felt. Water was the element that fascinated, calmed and healed me.

I came to surfing via diving. Eventually I learned to love freediving - the passion grew and grew. Just like the work and exploration of breathing.

Then in 2014 came the turning point: a serious and very rare disease took my breath away. My lung function was down to 33 percent - and I had a measly chance of surviving. The doctors had advised me to say goodbye.

How did it come about? Tireless stress. And the fact that I prioritized everything else, everyone else.

The battle in hospital lasted four months - the time afterwards wasn't any easier. But I got back on my feet.

The fact that I would even dedicate myself to freediving and surfing again was unbelievable for most people. But I knew that this was exactly where you become aware of your breath and its immense power.

My first attempts were characterized by panic. When you almost suffocate for months and can't breathe, it leaves its mark. But here too, I fought my way back by freediving and using various breathing techniques. Ancient techniques, new techniques, stories and myths, science and medicine - the different facets of all these things fascinate me. I never stop learning.

After my last training as a Breathless Coach, I have now reached a point where I would like to share Breathwork with you all. I want to show you that with small daily integrations of breathing exercises you can massively improve your health and quality of life, get anxiety or panic attacks under control and wonderfully support the healing of grief and trauma.


Facts und Benefits

"Over Breathing": over 80 percent of the western population does it. We breathe more than we need to in order to meet our body's natural requirements. In an acute stress situation, this additional oxygen is very helpful in activating all the body's resources. But it doesn't always burn - and we have forgotten how to communicate this to our system.

This is exactly where nn-movement comes in: With know-how from new and old breathing techniques, as well as research-based breathwork training, you learn to find yourself again. This allows you to return to your inner safe place in stressful situations and regulate your nervous system - with just one tool: your breath. Because you have it with you at all times.

  • Besserer Fokus und Konzentration
  • Linderung von Stress, Schmerzen und Körperlichen Beschwerden
  • Verbessern der sportlichen Leistung
  • Hilft bei der Bewältigung von Depressionen und Angstzuständen
  • Verbesserter Schlaf
  • Entgiftung des Körpers
  • Stärkung des Immunsystems
  • Neue Klarheit und Lebensfreude
  • Gesteigerte Kreativität

nn-movement offers an approach that is based on scientific, medical and experience-based facts - and is suitable for all levels.

Write to me HERE and arrange a free information meeting.



Scratch the Surface

Breathwork is new to you. You want to learn the basics and develop further with the material provided. You will get to know the beauty of breathwork and learn how to incorporate simple practices into your everyday life.

Also possible if you are already practicing Breathwork and would like to delve deeper into the topic - tailored to your personal needs.

Duration: 3 weeks


  • 3 1:1 sessions via ZOOM or Live (60 minutes per session)
  • Workbook and videos
  • Whatsapp chat support

Cost: CHF 560 excl. VAT.

Performance & Breath

Du machst Sport und interessierst dich für eine noch bessere Leistung.
In diesem Package erarbeiten wir, von welcher Atmung du bei welcher Sportart profitierst, um deine Leistung zu optimieren – und deine Ziele zu erreichen (oder zu übertreffen).

Duration: 4 weeks


  • 4 1:1 sessions via ZOOM or Live (60 minutes per session)
  • 1 live session with movement (tests, application and questions, 60 minutes each)
  • Workbook
  • Whatsapp chat support

Cost: CHF 980 excl. VAT.

1:1 Coachings

These can take place in a relaxed atmosphere via Zoom or live. After a conversation that clarifies your needs, we get started.

Individual packages:

We will be delighted to put together a program tailored to your needs after a free consultation.